Here is all I know about the PRC-1099.  I looked into buying one of these once.  These radios are targeted to foreign governments and other "low-end" users.  There is a 1099A model and an 1099 model.  The 1099A is the current replacement of the 1099, and there is a difference.   Its been reported to me the 1099 received and transmitted poorly with poor quality audio.  It was also a very basic radio.  The 1099A may have resolved some of the issues with the radio as it uses different circuitry.  The 1099A also has provisions for ALE, more memories, and other features.  Externally they look the same (as far as I know).  It looks a lot like the size and shape of a PRC-77.  Not sure if it takes a PRC-77 battery and box, or if it is 12 or 24 volts.


This is a 1099A from the Datron website.


This is a PRC-1099 from the American Milspec website.  


I think Scott has manuals for these at the website.  


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